Here you will find some links to useful wine resources elsewhere on the World Wide Web. The first are links to Irish sites. Further down are some from around the world.  Then there are wine-related sites and finally a few that have absolutely nothing to do with wine.  The Wrath of Grapes has no commercial connection to any of these sites, and does not endorse any products and services they offer unless specifically stated.

Irish Sites <Top>
Dublin Direct
A new independent importer/wholesaler/retailer based in north Dublin. Tasting at their premises in Butterly Business Park or at your place.

The Gilleys are on-line at last!  Old friends of the Wrath of Grapes.  Go there.
A new on-line site offering to bring you (from the vineyard!), the many fine New World wines that are out there just waiting to be discovered. 

JKL Wine
My good friend and one-time Preamble chairman John Kavanagh has set up a small wine company,  with his partners Klaus and Lutz, that promotes the wines of the Pfalz or Rheinpfalz region (also known as the Palatinate) in Germany.

Simply Wines
Ian Dornan left the safe and conservative world of banking (well, at least the IT part of it) to bring us an interesting selection of wines on-line.

Wines Direct
Since 1991, Paddy Keogh has been individually selecting and importing French wines. Today he also offers a selection of wines from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Chile and California.

The Irish Winegeese
Desmond Castle and the International Museum of Wine, Kinsale.

Bubble Brothers
Champagne specialists down Cork way; online ordering.

Cellars & Accessories
Another tentacle of the affable Greg Alken's Febvre empire. Irish agents for EuroCave temperature controlled cabinets and WineKeeper by the glass dispensing cabinets, as well as Spiegelau glassware, Metrokane wine tools including the Rabbit Corkscrew, Pulltex wine accessories, CS racking, Le Bloc Cellier systems, and Swissmar Epivac products.

The Gilbeys Grapevine
Pretty good Irish wine site.

Ronan Donoghue is in the process of setting up a company in Ireland that will be importing wine and olive oil from Italy to Dublin.

Ireland's first wine merchant on the web (so far as I know).

Mitchell's Wine Merchants

A wine e-zine from e-search with Nigel Donnan giving advice and recommendations.

Wine by the Case
Entry level to medium quality French wine by the case from their store near Lucan.

The Wine Counter
Le Comptoir des Vins - The Wine Counter, provides a selection of French wines in Ireland. Imported directly from the vineyard.

Magazine website.  Commended.

Rest of the World <Top>

Roman Wine Company
Founded in 2005 by Dubliner John Nolan and New Yorker Brendan Monaghan to do something about the limited selection of Italian wine in their home countries.

Wine Directory
Wine Directory and Winery Search
A free site devoted to providing objective information on all aspects of wine, it includes a series of databases with information about auction prices, producers throughout the world, all types of wine and grape varieties, an encyclopaedia with information about wine, viticulture, and vinification, and tasting notes and vintage charts.

Italian Wines Direct Club
Constantly updated guide to Italian Wine, with reviews, news, articles and wine tips.

ECO Wine Club
Earth-Friendly wines for the discerning palate.

Best About Wine Online
All things from champagne, white and red wine to wine racks and accessories.  Wine, champagne and winemaking for every enthusiast to enjoy.  Find white and red wine perfect for your palette.

Classical Grape
A personal page on wine and classical music.

Online Wine Club
Wine Clubs from small, independent vineyards brought to you by John Davis.

Wine Handbook
Articles and resources about wine and wine tasting

Italian Wines Direct Club - A guide from Chianti to Grappa
A constantly updated guide to Italian Wine, with reviews, news, articles and wine tips.

The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary
Brilliant!  A wonderful resource:  Hyperlinked, cross-referenced glossary of all the world's well-know and lesser known grapes.

Siena Wine Cellar
A non-profit site with info about Tuscan wines and an invitation to visit the ancient cellars (you can't buy or even taste) in beautiful Siena.

Organic Wine Company
Import a selection of certified organic wines from their family property and from about a dozen other organic wine producers from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.

Wino World
Wines of the Pacific Northwest.

The French Food Guide
A companion site to Italian Food (see below); food and wine articles, resources and recipes.  Good site but you need to translate US measures and terminology.

Travel Envoy
A winery guide and directory listing over 7000 wineries worldwide, with tasting notes, articles, free monthly e-newsletter and more.

Italian Wines Direct
Italian Wines Direct is a family-run business that delivers Italian wine, grappa and liqueurs in the UK.

Wine Doctor
Chris Kissack seems to have put this site up for much the same reasons as I put up the Wrath of Grapes.  Go there!

A resource for locating and pricing wines across 1000+ wine stores.

The Champagne Club
Another good source of quotable quotes and other info situated down-under in NSW.

Wine in Bali
Yes, they do!  And anyone who can help identify the Muscat grape they use would be welcome.

Burgundy Online
Buy online and some info about Burgudy.

Prodrunks Quotes
A selection of drink related quotes.

III World Wine Forum
“Rioja III Millennium” is to be held in La Rioja on 22, 23 and 24 May, 2002, covering the major changes which the sector has to face in the 21st Century.
Decanter magazine on the web.  Very good, as you'd expect.

Purports to be the largest wie and winery index on the net. You can search for a particular wine or just browse the index.  When you have found the wine you are interested in, you can post tasting notes or suggest new relevant links.

The Economist has an excellent survey of wine in its Christmas 1999 issue - well worth a look while it's still on the website. (It's in Library/Surveys).

Tom Cannavan's Wine Pages

Christoph's Quarterly of The Good Life

Berry Bros. & Rudd


The Fuji Wine Page

Speak Easy

Wine & Dine E-zine

Winelady's Choice International Wines
Worth a look!

Italian Food
Yummy - I can feel my weight increasing as I read!

Strat's Place
Loads of Wine quotations and a list of other quotation resources as well as wine info.

The Internet Movie Database
...including a quotations service. Contributed to this site's wine quotation archive.
"Straight talk in plain English about good wine"

Vine UK  
Good general overview of wine; links to other sites.

All About Hangovers
Not quite a "wine and health" link :)

Wine Technologies Inc.  
Robert Parker's Wine Advisor

Lots of great Oz and NZ stuff

Wine Information for Wine Lovers

The Wine Establishment

Esprit du Vin
Also known as, this is a French non-commercial online wine magazine 

A virtual Club for all those interested in wine in both a professional and personal capacity.  Discussion groups, small ads, etc

Amis du Vin
Discount French wines.

A century long established company based in Lyon, France. Over 3500 wine, champagne, spiritual, beer and fine food products in an online store. Can deliver in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
Founded by a group of wine-industry professionals and independent of any producer it aims to become the essential reference for Italian wines.

The Spanish Wine
Specializing in Spanish wine and with an e-zine of hints, news, ideas, offers and useful information about spanish wines and gastronomy

Wine related stuff: "More than you need to know about wine"

Wine Related <Top>
A new website about home brewing beer and wine

Wine Racks
Home of the Candlebox, and the directory for wine racks, candle holders, furniture, and accessories. (USA)

Bar Parts
Bar accessories, wine accessories, barware and corkscrews.  (USA)

The Wine Rack Shop
Offers wood wine racks for home wine cellars and wine rooms (USA)

Wine Labels World
Wine labels site in six languages

Bacchus Antiques
Antique Corkscrews.

Vinoté wine cellar software and catalogue systems link numbered necktags to wine records. Free download of wine cellar software.

The Instant Cellar Co.
A bit like the one I have myself

The Uncorked Cellar
The Uncorked Cellar is a wine guide and wine cellar software with winery details, wine ratings, value guide, winemaker's notes, cellaring guide, etc. Includes over 15,000 American, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand wines. Evaluate up to 60 days for free.

Absolutely Nothing to do with Wine <Top>

Ten Ren Tea
I had the pleasure of trying some of their teas recently and will be back for more.  Try the Pearl Jasmine; it's amazing.

Ceylon 1
Organic single estate tea. Gorgeous.

Break the Chain aims to reduce the number of people who routinely forward e-mail chain letters without questioning their validity or long-term impact.

St. Francis Hospice
Wonderful people, with a great big Labrador providing TLC. Help them out!

St. Barnabus Hospice
St. Barnabus took care of my uncle John in his last days. They sell Teddy Bears to raise funds.

The Irish Peatland Preservation Council
Dedicated to preserving Ireland's rapidly disappearing bogs. 

An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland
About the environment and planning in Ireland and An Taisce activities nationally,   Under new president (and one-time colleague) Eanna Ni Lamhna it will hopefully lose some of the more loony elements and go from strength to strength.

Composting and Wildlife Gardening
It's time to kick the peat habit and help save bogs by following the IPCC's composting & wildlife gardening ideas.

New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust
Guess what?

Dolphin Encounter
Commercial but excellent.

Mandatory daily fix of cynicism, especially for workers in the information economy.  Strange sense of deja vu!

KnowledgeBoard links people with people and the content they need to nurture new ideas and innovations.  It hosts and facilitates a growing community of more than 1,200 active practitioners and researchers in the area of knowledge management and related disciplines from more than 100 countries.  You can even find stuff from me in there :)

Despair Inc
Tired of those motivational posters around the office?

Industrious Clock
I love it!

The Universe Within
From the very big to the very small in power of ten increments - and lots more Java tutorials.

Find out anything about anything; commercial but awesome.

The Work of Edward Tufte
Edward Tufte writes, designs, and self-publishes books on information design, which have received more than 40 awards for content and design.

The Yes (Prime) Minister Files
Everything you always wanted to know about one of the greatest comedy series every produced (IMHO).

Mil Millington on things his girlfriend and he have argued about.  It's addictive.

Gurteen Knowledge Website
David Gurteen is a knowledge consultant and an independent thinker, researcher, consultant, author, and speaker.

JODI - The Journal of Digital Information
A peer-reviewed Web journal supported by the British Computer Society and Oxford University Press.  Very academic as opposed to pop science but very good.

A multi-disciplinary research centre formed as a joint initiative between the Departments of Computer Science and Education at Trinity College Dublin. Its remit is to carry out research in the broad area of technology and learning.

Grooks by Piet Hein
A sampling of just some of the thousands of Grooks that this Danish poet/scientist/architect/all-round human being wrote in his lifetime.

Irish Dictionary Online
Support this useful (for me anyway) resource.

Language Dictionaries and Translators
Useful resource.

The Plain English Campaign
Yes!  And see my own contribution here.

The Bullfighter's Guide
Subtitled "Why Business People Speak Like Idiots", this is the site of the book - and you should buy it: I giggled my way through it.

Politics and the English Language
George Orwell's excellent and taut 1945 essay contains excellent rules for writing : "But you are not obliged to go to all this trouble. You can shirk it by simply throwing your mind open and letting the ready-made phrases come crowding in. The will construct your sentences for you -- even think your thoughts for you, to a certain extent -- and at need they will perform the important service of partially concealing your meaning even from yourself."  

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is the Internet's oldest producer of FREE electronic books (eBooks or eTexts).

The Economist Style Guide
For anyone who writes - highly commended.

Ask Oxford
For anyone who is 'passionate about language'.

The National Puzzlers League
When you just can't get that last crossword clue!

The Elements of Style
The classic by William Strunk.

Maps, driving directions etc.

Free translation

Ever fancy spending a while in a hermitage for a bit of peace and quiet and communing with your soul?

The Bootstrapper's Bible
Probably the best advice for entrepreneur's I've ever seen and free to download. (Right-click and save - it's big.)

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