These are tasting notes from the meetings of the Preamble Club, Dublin. Premable is a long-standing group of oenophiles that meets once a month to taste and discuss wines (and to have fun). If you want further information just ask
Opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions either of Preamble or of any of its members unless specifically stated. "Star Ratings" are based on a combination of taste and price and are awarded sparingly. The maximum three stars has finally (December 2011) been awarded. 

June 27, 2015 The Garden Party
January 2013 Languedoc
December 2012 Christmas Extravaganza
November 2012 Searsons
September 2012 Corbally Wines
December 2011Christmas Extravaganza
March 2011 North by North West, Jim McCabe
February 2010 New World Pinot Noir, John Pierce
December 2009 The Christmas Extravaganza, Mark Downes and Liam Kelleher
November 2009 The Wine World Cup, O'Briens
July 2009 Tao's Summer Wines, Sophie Kiang
April 2009 New World Wines, Constellation Ireland
March 2009 Burgundy, Conor Richardson
February 2009 South Africa, Bren Smith, Mackenway Wine Distributors
January 2009 Harkin Blind Mick Harkin
Rodney Shaw
December 2008 The Chairman's Christmas Crackers
Rodney Shaw
November 2008 In memory of John Heavey
Rodney Shaw and others
July 2008 The Glorious Twalfth
Anya Pierce
December 2007 The Chairman's Christmas Crackers
Rodney Shaw
May 2007 New Horizons
Rodney Shaw
April 2007 South Africa
Jennifer Sandford, Papillon Wines
March 2007 France - Limoux to Northern Rhone
Gregory Alken, Febvre & Company
February 2007  Why I love Bordeaux Peter Dunne, Mitchell & Son
January 2006  (Almost) Rodney's Choice, Tony Fahy
December 2006  The Tasting We Cannot Afford Mark Downes and Tony Fahy, Gentlemen, of this parish.
November 2006   Ten of the Top 30 Vins de Pays, Linda Forde and Melanie Sanz of Sopexa
October 2006  A Personal Selection Ray Dowdall and Michael Meagher, Gleeson Wines
September 2006  Southern Italy and the Islands, Ray McGlynn, Select Wines from Italy
August 2006  Summer Wines and Garden Party, Tony Fahy
July 2006  Wines of Portugal, Jean Smullen
June 2006  Preamble Anniversary Dinner; no tasting
May 2006  Sophie's Choice
Sophie Kiang
April 2006  Old World Charm
John Pierce
March 2006  A Touch of Terroirs
Sean and Francoise Gilley, Terroirs
February 2006  Bordeaux
Charles Searson, Searson's Wine Merchants
January 2006  Australian Wine
John McDonnell, Wine Australia
December 2005  The Christmas Extravaganza
Tony Fahy & Mark Downes
November 2005  The Rhone Valley
Pat Smith, Barry Fitzwilliam Maxxium
October 2005  Rhone Selection
Carol Cunningham, On the Grapevine
September 2005  Chile, Argentina - and others
Richard Ecock, Dunnes Stores
June 2005  Wines of Northern Spain
Orla Tyrrell, Woodford Bourne
May 2005  Eclectic Wines and Cheeses
Rodney Shaw, Gentleman, of this Parish
January 2005  Gleeson Group Australia Tasting
Michael Meagher, Ray Dowdall, Lorna Rouse
December 2004  The Grand Christmas Tasting
Tony Fahy and Mark Downes 
November 2004  Bordeaux Look-a-likes Jim McCabe, McCabe's Wines
October 2004 Old World and New - Is there convergence? David Whelelan, O’Briens’s Wines
September 2004  Red, White and Green - Back to Basics Conor McGuinness
August 2004  Summer Garden Party Tony Fahy's summer selection and a few weird and wonderful wines from the south of France.
June 2004  Sophie's Choice Italian Beauties Sophie Kiang-Anderson
May 2004  Portugal and South West France
Ben Mason and Michael Anderson, The Wicklow Wine Co.
April 2004  Australia John McDonnell, Australian Wine Bureau
March 2004  Small vineyards Paddy Keogh, Wines Direct
February 2004  Allied Drinks James Wilson, Cellar Door (Allied Drinks).
January 2004 Further Down Under John Pierce
December 2003 Christmas Special Tony Fahy and Mark Downes (No notes - away)
November 2003 Wines of the Week of the Year John Heavey
October 2003 Austria and Back, via Italy Frank Season and Brian Smullen
September 2003 An Independent's Choice Conor Richardson
August 2003 Garden Party, Kevin Crowley
July 2003 Harkin Blind Mick Harkin
June 2003 Celebratory Dinner in honour of Mark Downes
May 2003 Treats from Terroirs' Cellar Sean & Francoise Gilley
April 2003 Southern Hemisphere Richard Verling, Findlater.
March 2003 Italian Night Greg Alken, Febvre.
February 2003 Gleeson Group Michael Maher et al.
January 2003 O'Briens Selection David Whelehan
December 2002 The Tasting We Can't Afford Mark Downes
November 2002 Wines of the Week of the Year John Heavey
October2002 Sopexa Generic French Tasting Jean Smullen
September 2002 Wilko's Bloody Good Reds Mark Wilkinson
August 2002 International Wines and Cheeses Rodney Shaw
July 2002 Magic Carpet Wines Kevin Crowley
June 2002 Sophie's Choice Sophie Kiang-Anderson
May 2002 Good Value for Money Mark Downes, Preamble Chairman

April 2002 Further Afield Conor Richardson, Burgundy Direct
March 2002 Spring Nights Richard Verling, Findlater
February 2002 Lovely Wine from Nice People Peter Dunne, Mitchell & Son
January 2002 Hairshirt Time - The Tasting We Can Afford Conor McGuniiess
December 2001 The Tasting We Can't Afford Mark Downes
November 2001 Wines of the Week of the Year John Heavey
October 2001 Terroirs Wine & Food Sean & Francoise Gilley
September 2001 Gleeson Group Sales
August 2001 Kelly & Co Niall Tubridy
July 2001 Magic Carpet Al Fresco Kevin Crowley
June 2001 Summer Flavours Tony Fahy
May 2001 An International Selection Mark Downes
April 2001 Harkin Blind Mick Harkin
March 2001 McCabe's Wines Jim McCabe 
February 2001 Wines from the Cape Greg Grouse 
January 2001 The Iberian Renaissance Frank Searson 
December 2000 The Second Millennium Tasting We Can't Afford Mark Downes
November 2000 Wines of the Week of the Year John Heavey
October 2000 Febvre, Gregory Alken
September 2000 O'Briens, TP and David Whelehan
August 2000 A Personal Selection, Rodney Shaw
July 2000 Al Fresco, Kevin Crowley, the Magic Carpet
June 2000: Terroirs, Sean & Francoise Gilley
May 2000 Michael Maher/Kevin Guildea, Gleeson Group
April 2000 Labels Unseen, Mick Harkin
March 2000 Conor Richardson, Burgundy Direct
February 2000 Love at First Sip Conor McGuinness
January 2000 Upside Down Under John Pierce
December 1999 The Millennium Tasting We Can't Afford Mark Downes
November 1999 La Belle France Colm Brangan
October 1999 Wines of the Week of the Year John Heavey
September 1999 The Concorde Wine Flight Frank Searson
August 1999 A Personal Selection Noel Glynn
July 1999 Magic Carpet Wines for the Glorious Twelfth Kevin Crowley
June 1999 Viva Italia Richard Verling, Findlaters
May 1999 Gleeson Group Sales
April 1999 Febvre & Co. Gregory Alken
March 1999 Harkin Blind Mick Harkin
February 1999 Mitchell and Son Peter Rycroft
January 1999 Fruit for the Gloom John Pierce
December 1998 The Tasting We Can't Afford Mark Downes
November 1998 Cassidy Wines Brian Martin and Michael Sinnott
October 1998 Wines of the Week of the Year John Heavey
September 1998 A Spanish Inquisition Mark Downes
August 1998 Preamble Magic Evening Kevin Crowley
July 1998 Un Tour de France Colm Brangan
June 1998 Fitzgerald & Co. Pat Farrell
May 1998 Terroirs Sean & Francoise Gilley
April 1998 Harkin Blind Mick Harkin

March 1998 Jim McCabe
February 1998 Affordable Bordeaux Frank Searson
January 1998 Special Tasting in memory of Gerard Jaboulet Mark Downes & Mark Wilkinson
December 1997 Special Preamble Tasting Mark Downes
November 1997 Preamble Tasting Pat Smyth
October 1997 Preamble Tasting Conor Richardson
September 1997 Preamble Tasting Mark Downes
August 1997 Preamble Tasting Rodney Shaw 
July 1997 Preamble Tasting Colm Brangan 
June 1997 Preamble Tasting Frank Searson 
May 1997 Preamble Tasting Mick Harkin's Blind Tasting 
April 1997 Preamble Tasting Febvre 
March 1997 Preamble Tasting Mitchell's 
February 1997 Preamble Tasting Terroirs 
January 1997 Preamble Tasting Verling's 
December 1996 Preamble Tasting The tasting we can't afford 
November 1996 Preamble Tasting  
September 1996 Preamble Tasting  
July 1996 Preamble Tasting  
January 1996 Preamble Tasting  
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