Preamble Tasting July 1996
Flavours for Summer Drinking
Tony Fahy

1. Konigin Victoria Berg, Riesling, Rheingau, 1991
Deep gold white,. Quite a bit of gentle caramel on the nose. Green apple flavour, with a hint of molasses. 9% alcohol. Lovely but a bit expensive.
SuperValu, 9.99 & Mitchell's, 10.40.

2. Soave, Classico Superiore, 1995, L. Pieropan
More than 85% ????? grape. Light, greenish tinge. Wonderful lemon and almond nose. Dry but with a hint of sweetness. Buzz of alcohol and acid on front of tongue. Soft and mouth filling. Excellent example of good Soave. Drink it young.
Superquinn, 7.39

3. Chablis Nuits-St.Georges, Honore Lavigne, 1995
Tasted blind. Very light colour. Most thought it was muscat (grapy taste), with some voting for semillon. Light, a bit flabby and soft. Some steeliness noted after we found out what it was!
Verlings, 7.99

4. Houghton, HWB, 1995, Western Australia
Used to be Houghton White Burgundy, but changed after the obvious objections. Chardonnay, chenin blanc and semillon. Very light colour, fragrant nose, big flavour on the palate - buttery, a little oak. Well balanced, dry, but not subtle! 13% alcohol. A vote showed a preference for this over (3) of 18:4.
Mitchells, 7.95

5. Hunter's Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay, 1995 (Marlborough, NZ)
Very light, austere, straw colour. Incredibly Sauvignon on the nose, very little of the Chardonnay. Some butteriness, a little oak. 12% alcohol. '95 was not a great year for Sauvignon blanc, which might account for the addition of Chardonnay.
Widely available, 9.99

6. Beaujolais-Village, 1994, George Duboeuf
Lovely colour, a typical Gamay nose. 12.5% alcohol. Served chilled. A hint of a better wine about the taste. Some burn, decent acid, berry fruit. OK - even good as Beaujolais goes.
Superquinn etc., 7.49

7. Gigondas, Pierre Amadieu, 1990
Velvety red, with a big, raisiny, ot nose.Strawberrie, pepper - especially afterwards. Plenty of fruit, beautiful soft tannins. Probably another two years to go. 13%.
McCabes, 9.99

8. Rioja, Montecillo, Vina Monty, Gran Reserva 1996
Surprisingly light red in colour, hint of orange on the rim. Old farmyard and old cheese on the nose. Zing of acid, fresh, laods of fruit, dry, not over oaked.
Superquinn, 8.99

9. Savigny Champ Chevrey, Premier Cru Monopole, Cotes de Beaune, Tollot Beaut et Fils, 1992
Tasted blind. Immediate Burgundy decision. Very light, almost pink tinge in centre. Typical Pinot noir nose. Thought it was 1990. Gorgeous - class shows, and at this price!
Findlater, 14.00

10. Neumagener Engelgrube, Beerenauslese, 1976, M-S-R, Optima
Riesling, Sylvaner, Muller Thurgau. Deep, deep, brown green. Stunningly refreshing nose, Fabulous honey flavour. Acidity declining. Light, sweet. "A middle aged lady who's kept her figure". Still lovely.
Superquinn, 10.00

John Pierce
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