Preamble Tasting January 2001 
The Iberian Renaissance
Frank Searson

Thanks to Mark Downes for these notes.  Mark is generally a little more generous than I on star ratings :)

1. Marques de Alella Clasico, Alella, Spain, 1999 
Very spicy and refreshing.  11.5%. Pxxx Blanco grape.

2. Con Class Seleccion Especial, Rueda, Spain, 1999  
Grapes Verdelho, Vinxx, Sauvignon Balnc.  Excellent, very good value.

3. Carcelo Merlot, Agapito Rico, Jumilla, Spain 1998
Very respectable 100% Merlot.  13.5%

4. Castell del Remi, Gotim Bru, Costers del Segre, Spain, 1998
Tempranillo, Merlot, Cab Sauvignon, 12.5%.  Excellent wine, best in 3-4 years. Good value.

5. Bodegas Guelbenza, Navarra, Spain, 1998 
Lovely wine of 50% Tempranillo, 35% Cab Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, and 13% alcohol.  Age 2-3 years more.  Good value.

6. Allende, Rioja, Spain, 1996
100% Tempranillo.  Aged in 3 year old French oak casks with 10% in American oak.  Not traditional, new approach for Rioja.  Keep 5-6 years.  Nice but a bit pricey.

7. Bodegas Parxet, Tionio, Ribera del Duero, Spain, 1998
Very good, tasty.  Drinking well, will develop for a further 4-5 years.  100% Tempranillo.

8. Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez, Condada de Haza, Ribera del Duero, Spain, 1998
Excellent fruit, wood and alcohol balance.  Will develop into a great wine over 7-8 years.  100% Tempranillo.

9. Quinta das Setencostas, Alenquer, Portugal, 1999
Periquita, Camarate, and other local grapes.  A bit on the young side.

10. Palha-Canas, Vinho Regional, Estremadura, Portugal, 1999
Periquita, Camarate, Touriga Nacional and others.  Tasty but a bit young. 12.5%

11. Duas Quintas, Douro, Portugal, 1997
Very good food wine.  

12. Moscatell Reserva Especial Rotllan Torra, Priorat, Portugal
Apricot & peach flavoured dessert wine, 16%. Very pleasant.
10 for 50cl

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