Preamble Tasting July  2001 
Magic Carpet al fresco
Kevin Crowley


1. Devil's Rock Riesling, Bingen 1999
Sweet nose, sterner on palate.  Lovely.  If you like good Rieling you'll love this, although it isn't dry and some didn't like it. Light 11.5%

2. Pinot Blanc Cuvee des Amours, Hugel, Alsace, 1999
Beautiful, floral, apple noise.  Well balanced, beautiful - it's still as good as I remember.  12.5%

3. Piritas Chardonnay, Maipo, Chile, 1999
Really toasty oak nose.    A big,  14%, clean dry wine with long aftertaste.  Perhaps I might not drink too much of it.  It could take a few years of age too.  Comes from the site of an old pyrites mine, hence the name.

4. Tarapaca Cab Sauvignon Rose, Chile, 2000
Nose not noticeably cab; hard to describe.  Smooth, dry, balanced, hint of tannin.  13%

5. Pinot Noir Dom. de Martinolles, Aude, 1999
Not much nose.  A bit bitter; maybe some Gamay in there?  Some twigs?  Not bad, will definitely improve.  13.5%

6. Mont Gras Quatro, Colchagua Valley, Chile, 1999
Deep colour. Blackcurrant jam and some mint on the nose.  Soft tannins and a little bitterness fight the fruit.  A bit crunchy.  Not together yet.  A fine wine, but give it time.  Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere  and Malbec - 25% each.  13%

7. Campo Viejo Gran reserva, Rioja, 1993
Lovely fruity nose with a hint of Amarone (yep!).  Very light red with a hint of orange.  Strawberries and soft tannins.  Big argument over whether it will last.  I'm going to buy a couple of bottles to see.

8. Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Serego Alighieri, Masi, 1999
Deep red. Nose with a hint of amaro.  Loads of tannins and plums, some cherry.  Aged in sherry casks as opposed to oak.   Will last a long time and get better.  Single vineyard.  This is the Dante Alighieri family.


9. Chateauneuf du Pape, La Gardine, 1998
Lovely deep red.  Nose quite light.  Wonderfully balanced, complex, lovely.  Heavier than the Guigal (below); a bit of pepper.  13.5%

10. Chateauneuf du Pape, Guigal, 1997
Somewhat lighter in colour than La Gardine (above).  A bigger nose, fresh hay.  Huge fruit, more upfront, higher acid, lighter, completely different.  Probably more Grenache.  Both of these are lovely; shame about the price.

11. Navarro Correas, Col. Privada CS, Maipu, Mendoza, 1994
Light orange red.  No big nose.  A bit sharp after the Chateauneufs, Tougher, thinner.  Might have been ever so slightly off.

12. Rymill, Coonawarra Cab. Sauvignon, 1994
Very deep.  Pure blackcurrant pastilles with a hint of mint.  Tannins, fruit, condensed milk.  Beautiful now but will be better over many a long year.  Gorgeous.

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