Preamble Tasting August 2001 
Kelly and Company
Niall Tubridy


1. Garvey's San Patricio Fino Sherry
A lovely, dry, nutty fino with a bit of burn, and at a great price.  Named after our patron saint (Mr. Garvey was from Waterford).  Try it.

2. Fabulae Favorita, Langhe DOC, Italy 1999
Almost water-clear, citrus and almonds on the nose, beautifully refreshing, lemony.  Favorita is the grape.  12%  Very nice but a bit pricey.

3. Fabulae Chardonnay Barrique, Langhe DOC, Italy, 1999
Slightly yellow.  Oak and fruit on nose.  Lots of lemon/lime, toasty oak, hint of sweetness, great mouth feel, long finish.  I would never have guessed it was Chardonnay.  12.5%  There is no sterness, and maybe a little too much oak.  Give it two years to come together.

4. Die Krans Tinta Barocca, Calitzdorp, Western Cape, South Africa, 2000
Lightish red, hint of purple, slightly Pinot or Gamay nose.  Very warm in the mouth, light, buzzy, fruity, hint of sweetness.  Goes down way too easily. 13.8%

5. Marquis de Vayres, Graves de Vayres, France, 1995
Nice red, going to orange.  Slightly medicinal nose.  A wee bit sharp, still lots of fruit and tannin so might improve.  12% At this price, pretty nice.  Merlot 50:Cab Sauvignon 30:Cab Franc 20.

6. Long Gully Pinot Noir, Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia, 1998
Lovely colour and typically strawberry nose.  Slightly petillant - most unusual.  Quite sweet, some strawberry, a bit unsophisticated, smooth, nice.  As always, I disagree about its aging potential with our chairman:  It has possibilities.  Hard to mark it; a bit of a gamble and not too cheap.  Still, I'll go with it pending another taste. 14%

7. Viniterra Syrah, Mendoza, Argentina, 1997
This is part of the Omnium Reserve range.  Really dark, the nose reaches out and hits you; really rich, slihgtly off-putting.  Big, fruity, hint of Minervois but much bigger.  No chocolate, surprisingly.  Really good, but maybe lacking complexity for this money?  13%

8. Ochoa Reserva, Navarra, Spain, 1995
Lovely rich red, very Spanish nose.  Lovely soft supple tannins, loads of fruit, oak.  Tempranillo 85:Merlot 10:Cab Sauvignon 5.  Lovely.


9. Valduero Reserva, Ribera del Duero, Spain, 1995
Lightish, hint of orange.  Rubbery nose, very pleasant.  Quite fiery, loads of fruit, slightly systhetic sweet taste (esters) up front that will go with age.  This could be great, but will need quite a lot of time.  100% Tempranillo  12.5%

10. Die Krans Touriga Nacional, Calitzdorp, South Africa, 2000
Really deep Ribena colour.  Fleeting nose.  Big, burny, some sweetness, but with backbone.  Very pleasant.  Will take some age.  12.5%

11. Irma's Cabernet, Long Gully, Yarra Glen, Victoria, Australia, 1997
Deep rich red, lovely soft fruity nose.  Quite jammy on palate.  Sme soft tannins, lots of fruit pastilles, generous, well put together, very nice.  Mostly Merlot with Cab Sauvignon, Cab Franc and Malbec.

12. Barros Ruby Port
Lightish red, some orange.  Fairly unsophisticated, not together, sugary, quite burny, 19% The finish however says that it might get better ...

12. Die Krans Ruby Port
Blacker but equally light red, Less upfront nose, sweet but not sugary, more together by far.  90 Tinto Barocca: 5 Touriga Nacional: 5 ?  18%

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