Preamble Tasting April 2002 
Conor Richardson
Burgundy Direct

1. Mauzac vdp, Domaine de Martinolles, Languedoc, France, 2000
Hawthorn on the nose.  Good acidity, despite the location, because its at 200m and so a little cooler.  Very pleasant, very unusual.  Mauzac is the grape used in Blanquette de Limoux, a sparkling wine a bit cheaper than Cremant.

2. Pouilly-Fume AC, Domaine Figeat, Loire, France, 2000
Quite aromatic, floral, quite smoky elegant.  Tropical fruit and citrus. 13%  Very nice.

3. Saint-Veran AC, Domaine Corsin, Burgundy, France, 1999
Hint of oak on the nose.  Good caramel fruit, some oak,warm, full, with lemon in the long, long finish.  From Maconnais. Perhaps a bit expensive.

4. Valpolicella DOC, La Ragose, Verona, Italy, 2000
Very light red.  Quite dumb.  Easy drinking, hint of something Gamay-like.  Some amaro, mixed with sweetness.  Fresh, nice, light, easy drinking.  Benefit from another year in bottle.  Bit dear.

5. Ramitello DOC, Di Majo Norante, Molise, Italy, 1998
Lovely rich red.  Dumb.  Some tannins, hint of farmyard, dense.  Quite a bit of bitter cherry.    Very long mouth coating tannin finish.  Yum.  Abruzzi to the north and Apulio to the south.  80% Montepulciano, 20% Aglianico.  13.5%


6. Chateau Calon AC, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France.  
 Fairly light with a hint of brown showing through.  Lots of crunchy tannins.  Dry, fairly fresh.  Nolt gone on the finish.  30% Cab Sauvignon, 30% Cab Franc, 40% Merlot..  12.5%

7. Givry 'Pied de Chaume' AC, Domaine Joblot, Burgundy, France, 2000 
Light, pinky.  Hint of farmyard.  Quite fruity, way too young, improved in the glass.  Qite elegant but definintely not developed yet.  This is a 5-6 year wine.  Challonaise, 15%.  Conor recommends Pinot with chicken.

8. Saint-Aubin AC, Domaine Colin, Burgundy, Vrance, 2000
Light, less pink.  Somewhat smoky nose.  Much fuller, slightly stronger, good tasnnins, slightly green.  Bit young, should improve over a few years.
16.50 - 17.50

9. Chassagne-Montrachet AC, Domaine Gagnard Delagrange, Burgundy, France, 1999
Light with a strawberry nose.  Soft, supple tannins.  Big burn.and acid attack.  Some thought it jammy, I didn't.  Ripe fruit.  Will improve greatly, probably optimum at 5-6 years old.

10. Amarone DOC, LA Ragose, Verona, Italy 
Really deep, with a prune and cherry nose.  Very ripe, concentrated, good amaro but perhaps a bit too sweet.  Coating tannins.  Way too young, another ten years or more.  Shame about the price.


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