Preamble Tasting September 2002 
Wilko's Bloody Good Reds
Mark Wilkinson

An all-red night with stuff from Mark's own cellars that you won't find in the corner off-licence.  Stars could not be awarded according to the usual goodness/price criteria, especially as we often didn't have a price.

1. Bierzo DOC, Decendientes de J Palacios SI, Spain, 1999
A lovely wine, from the Mensia grape, apparently..  13.5%

2. Miguel Torres Cordillera, Chile, 1998
Lovely but a bit too dear.  Shiraz, Merlot and Carignano.
c. €30.00

3. Monasterio, Ribera del Duero, Spain, 1999
Long slow legs running down the glass.  Dark red.  Nose of rubber and sense of warmth.  Quite crunchy tannins, loads of fruit, burn, ckean.  Very nice. Will reward a few years in the cellar.  13%  100% Tempranillo (I wonder!)
c. €12

4. Jaboulet Crozes Hermitage, Domaine Raymond Reure, Rhone, France 1999
Clean mid-red.  Fast running legs, well made, beautiful rush of fruit in the front of the mouth.  100% Syrah.  Vey nice, but has it the b***s to be a Thalabert in a few years
The name in red italics (Raymond Reure) means that they own the vineyard

5. Jaboulet Hermitage "La Chapelle", Rhone, France, 1994
Apparently they stopped leaving the stalks and leaves in in 1994.  Sacrilege!  '94 was a bad year too.  This is perhaps lighter than usual, and very well developed for a La
Chapelle.  Some more astringency than I expected (or wanted) from a wine of this reputation and price.  13%  !00% Syrah
€ lots

6. Jaboulet Hermitage "La Chapelle", Rhone, France, 1989
Much deeper though five years older.  Nose warns of something not quite right -  a teeny bit oxidised not corked though).  Still a basket of fruit and with tannins in there even at this age.  A very big wine with an astringent finish.
€ lots

7. Chapoutier Cote Rotie, Rhone, France, 1978
 Light red, major blast of hot country nose.  Most northerly of northern Rhones, ad the only one to mix in 10% Viognier (90% Syrah).  Palate not as good as the nose, a characteristic warning you to drink it now, according to TP Whelehan.  Tiny bit of synthetic taste.  Nice but past it.
€ lots

8. Piper's Brook, Pinot Noir, Tasmania, 1998
A good orange rim.  Nose initially fruit only, but warmed in the glass to give a "scented soap" aroma.  Nice wash of strawberries, but also that not unpleasant scented soap.  Very nice, and going places for another year or two.  Elegant but not stern.
c. €22.00

9. Beaune Clos du Roi, Jean Boillot, 1998
As light or lighter; also a bit dumb but got better with warming.  Lively, fruity, big.  Some astringency.  Not "typical" Pinot Noir.  Views generally that it won't last.  I prefer the Tasmanian.
c. 80FF when  bought (€10.00)

10. Flor de Pingus, Ribero del Duero, Spain, 1999
Deep dark red, not such a big nose  Huge extract, way too young. Leathery, supple tannins with a bit of crunch.  Give this some years and it will be wonderful.  Possibly more restrained than the Parker (below).  Beautifully oaked.  100% Tempranillo (some of us thought that there was Cab Sauv there as well.)  Pingus is their first wine.


11. Steve Maglieri Shiraz, McClaren Vale, 1997
Again, deep, clean, black red.  Huge fruit gums  nose.  Gorgeous, clean tannins, huge fruit, needs more time but nothing bad to say about it whatsoever. 


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