Preamble Tasting November 2002 
Wines of the Week of the Year
John Heavey

John's annual selection from the recommendations of the country's wine correspondents, for better or for worse.

1. Fuedo dElimi, Sicily, 2001
Floral, hint of wood, some sweetness but with matching acidity.  This is the Grillo grape.  13.5% alc.  (Served blind)
Molloy's 8.49

2. Pinot Grigio, Colia Vini, Italy, 2000
Light green-yellow.  Melons, tropical fruits on the nose.  Dried pineapple flavours in the mouth, but with enough acid; well-rounded, fruity.  12.5% alc.  Very nice!
Widely available  12.81

3. Fruits of France, Viognier, 2000
Very light with greenish tinge.Floral, rounded, sweet, spicy. slight buzz on the tongue, tropical fruits, chalky?  14%  Very good, and excellent value.
Widely available  7.99

4. Chatsfield Mount Barker Riesling, W. Australia, 2001
Golden yellow, nose decidedly paraffin/petrol.  Mineral on the palate, good acid. possibly a bit too tartaric and sweet at the finish - I prefer it a bit steelier.  Still, a nice wine if a bit overpriced.
Widely available  14.50

5. Vignobles Quiot, Cotes du Ventoux, France, 2001
Light, slightly purply red.  Very elusive nose.  Hint of maceration carbonique (pity).  Grenache, some Syrah  Ripe berry.  Very nice, grows on you.  Nice bitter twist at end.  Good price.  14% alc.  Pron. key-o.  Cheaper than last month :)
Searson  9.95

6. Laurent Miquel, 2000
Lovely mid-red.  Pastilles on nose.  Quite fruity; a Valpolicella cherry, some crunchy tannins. Tom Doorly reckons it to be like a good chunky claret - I can't see it.  Quite hot, although only 13% alc.  Quite pleasant at the price.  Bit hard on the palate. Needs another year.  Cabernet and Syrah. 
Widely available  7.99

7. Vina Albali Gran Reserva, Tempranillo, 1995
 light, slightly orange rim.  Pastille, "Ribena" nose. Lots of tannin, good fruit.  Big, well-made, cherries at the end.  Very good and at this price, get out and get some.  (Leave some for me.)  This was served blind and I think surprised most people.
Superquinn 8.62

8. Primitivo Salento san Giorgio, 2000
Quite dark, clean red.  Warm nose, although not very pronounced. Luscious cherry but with a quite astringent, though not unpleasant edge.  Hint of sugar and vanilla. Well rounded, very nice.
Searson  9.75

9. Argento Malbec, Mendoza, Nic Catena, 2000
Dark, black-red.  Big jammy nose.  Plum jam on the palate, with an astringent finish.  Two separate tastes; needs time to get together.  Enough tannin to match the fruit.  Nice but a bit too jammy for me.
O'Briens  10.99

11. Falesco Vitiano, Umbria, Italy, 2001
Very dark red. A bit dumb.  Young looking, big, lots of amaro.  A blend,
Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet, four months in new oak. 12.5%  Put it away for a few years.
O'Briens 11.50

12. Trapiche Oak cask Pinot Noir, Argentina, 1999
Mid red, strawberries but with a stiff backbone.  I wonder how it will turn out.  Worth a try.

McCabes 11.50

10.Murphy Vineyards Willandra Shiraz, 2000
Light pink red.  Quite a big smoky nose. Huge fruit-gums taste.  Good tannins, well-balanced with fruit. Recommended to keep it for some years.  13.2%

Searson 13.50

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