Preamble Tasting February 2003 
A Gleeson Group Selection
Michael Maher et al.

1. Fruits de France Viognier, Languedoc, 2001
Pale lemon. Fruity, oaky, smooth, full, toasty oak, long finish. 13.5%   Lovely.  One of which I've partaken a lot :)

2. Gavi di Gavi "La Toledana" DOC, Gavi, Italy 2001
A warm, tropical nose. Lovely, refreshing but rounded; a hint of perfume, well balanced.  Very long finish.  Lovely.

3. Sandalford Element, Chenin/Verdelho, Margaret River, Western Australia, 2001
Quite pale.  Sweetness from the Chenin and sharpness of Verdelho.  Lots of fruit, burst of apple, good acidity. A food wine.  Perhaps a bit boring; missing something?  Better as it warmed up.  Will it develop?  Jury is out.  65% Chenin to 35% Verdelho/

4. Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc, Somerset West, South Africa, 2002
Gooseberry with a hint of sweetness.  Quite acid, then more acid, but lots of fruit too.  Very refreshing, not too sharp - more buzzy.  Some tartar, some residual sugar, citrus background, some weight.  Very nice Sauvignon Blanc.

5. Babich Winemakers Reserve pinot Noir, marlborough, New Zealand, 2001
Light red, odd nose, begins to smell like Pinot as it warms, but still something smoky. Good fruit, a bit raw.  Needs to develop, but they say it won't last very long.  Dunno - might be good.  next year's not so good so buy 2001 now if you like it.

14.95 (going to 16.95)

6. Le Garrique AC Cotes du Roussillon, Chateau la Casenova, 2000
Very dark purple red.  Grenache and Carignan (and maybe some Syrah?)  Hint of spice, green wood, green pepper.  Good fruit.  Quite gritty.  Not my cup of tea but should develop into a good wine.  13.5%

7. Vina Ijalba "Reserva Ijalba" DOC, Rioja, Spain, 1997
 Clean deep red.  Leggy.  Nice fruit, soft berry.  Very little vanilla coming through.  Sharp on the palate, less rounded than expected.  Very traditional, a food wine, very bitter, very light, interesting.  80% Tempranillo, 20% Graciano.

8. Domaine Wardy Merlot, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, 2000
Really deep purply red.  Dry. plum but restrained, quite supple tannins, somewhat gritty.  Green ruit, stalky.  14%  Chateau Musare buys grapes from Wardy.  the say it goes well with duck (the bullets) :)

9. Langhe "Bacanera" DOC Rosso, Langhe, Italy, 1999
Big murky, black red.  medium nose at first, softening to spirity fruit.  Very fruity, long, soft, some gritty tannins, hint of amaro. very nice.70% Cabernet Sauvinon, 30% Barbera


10. Sandalford Premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River, Western Australia, 2000
Another big, dark wine with loads of fruit pastilles on the nose.  Very ripe but a hint of astringency. Huge fruit, condensed milk, enough acid and some greenwood to offset the fruit.  Put it down - nowhere near together yet.

11. Vergelegen Shiraz, Somerset West, South Africa, 1999
Lovely dark red,  long legs, beautiful restrained nose, smoky, farmyard. Rich, great fruit, some greenwood tones, Quite restrained.  Some got soapy tones.  Leathery tannins. 14.5%


12. Last Edition Tarapaca Reserva Privada, 1999
Lovely dark red.  ome grenness aagi.  Hint of rubber.  Lovely well-made wine, good buzz, loads of fruit,hint of sorbet.  Needs more time.  very good; more restrained than the Sandalford, which shades it on balance.  Still very, very good.  Cab Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Mourvedre.  14%


Excellent tasting, but whoever buys these has a definite preference for greenwood, sappy wines.

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