Preamble Tasting September 2003 
An Independent's Choice
Conor Richardson, Burgundy Direct

1. Sauvignon Blanc vdp, Eric Montintin, Loire, 2002
Wonderful nose of gooseberry and tropical fruit. Burst of well-balanced fruit and acid with a flinty spine.  Some weight - not so thin as many French SBs.  Montintin comes from a wine growing family; he returned from the Air Force, where he was a mechanic, to wine making at about 40.  He buys grapes and makes the wine. 12%  Very good at this price.

2.San-Verain AC, Domaine Corsin, Maconnais, 2001
Less pungent up front.  somewhat floral, surprisingly, and a bit of butterscotch.  Beautifully smooth, with a great burst of sharp (not hard) acidity.  Old oak, not overpowering.  A hint of lemon, some tropical fruit.Very different, drinking beautifully.  13%

3. Pouilly-Fuisse AC, Domaine Corsin, Maconnais, 2000
Lemon zest!  Acidity less noticeable but there, big fruit balancing it very well.  Perhaps a bit more Californian in style. Wood comes through at the end. Has a lot to offer.  It grows on you, so well balanced, very good but a bit expensive at ...

4. Blanquette de Limoux, Domaine de Martinolles, Languedoc, 2000
Wonderfully fresh.  Apples.  Easy drinking.  From high altitude vineyards.  15% Chardonnay, 10% Chenin Blanc, 75% Mauzac (the apply flavour).  Called Blanquette de Limoux not from the colour of the wine but from the white film that covers the underside of the leaves of the Mauzac grape.12.5%

5. Chateau d'Oupia, Andre Iche,  AC Minervois, 2001
Very dark.  Spicy, sweer, stalky.  Soft velvety tannins; good fruit to balance.  A well-made, basic wine, very pleasant, good food wine.  A certain stalkiness, green feel at end, behind the tannins.  12% Alc; 10% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 50% Carignan (50-55 year old vines).

6. Chateau d'Oupia 'Les Barons', Andre Iche, AC Minervois 2000
Even darker, pours thickly.  Sweeter, spicier, less green.  Yummy.  Needs food; good grip; will last a year or two - or more maybe. Grenache 15%, Syrah 50%, Carignan 35%

7. Prugnolo IGT, Di Majo Norante, Molise, Italy, 1999
Beautiful, deep red.  Not a huge nose; woodland berries, warm, quite fruity, good acid, slight jamminess.  Refreshing; a well-made wine, different (organic).  An ancient grape, from Greece, Derivative of San Giovese.  Is it perchance Prugnaiolo?

8. Valpolicella Classico Reserva DOC, Az. Agr. Le Ragose, Verona, Italy
Lighter in colour, a hint of brown. Small production.  Ripassa, although not on label.  Very rich nose; prunes with a cherry background.  Good acid - more than most - with the usual amaro, and an unusual 'acid drops' taste. Not much tannin left.  very nice. 12.5%

9. Pinot Noir vdp, Domaine de Martinolles, Languedoc, 2001
Relatively deep colour.  Quite closed; nose doesn't suggest Pinot.  Big grip; drying, followed by cherries and some spice all the way through.  Not  a typical Pinot, and doesn't do it for me - not bad or anything, just not me.  mind you, it isn't together and I'm not sure it ever will be.
11 - 11.50

10. Chassagne-Montrachet AC, Domaine Gagnard-Delagrange, Burgundy, 2000
Very light; smells good - smoky, rubbery, farmyardy.  Good acid and fruit.  A food wine; earthiness typical of Chassagne Montrachet.  2000 was a light vintage, but it still has a year or two to go.  Better known for whites.

11. Pommard 'Les Perrieres', Domaine Vincent Dancer, AC Burgundy, 2001
Wow! Slightly 'sour' - higher acidity levels.  Good strawberry wash, some thought vegetal.  Good buzz.  Needs to come together but very good already.  I think it will come together; others felt that it won't change substantially  The jury is out on this one.  This is from a new kid on the block and gets two stars in the Guide Hachette..

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