Preamble Tasting June 2004 
Sophie's Choice Italian Beauties
Sophie Kiang-Anderson

1. I Fuedo di Romans, Pinot Grigio, ISonza del Fruili DOC 2003
Very warm, caramel.  Good acid, good aromatics, creamy.  Cold ferment, single vineyard.  Maker is Matt Thomson, NZ. 12.5%

2. Inycon, Fiano, Sicily IGT
This was served blind.  A deep greeny gold.  The Campagna grape, from Sicily.  Fiano is a classical grape of Southern Italy with a rich, complex full-bodied character and lovely aromatic flavours. Unfortunately, this one has a big gap in the middle, but it's still worth buying at the price.  13%
Dunnes 7.99

3. Villa Tonino Baglio Curatola, Nero d'Avola, Sicilia IGT, 2002
Beautiful deep red.  Dense and concentrated.  Big, beefy, cherry and prune flavour with refreshing acidity.  Rich and ripe with plenty of spicy fruit. Good bitter finish.  A food wine with a modern feel.  Very good. 13.5%

4. A. Mano Primitivo, Puglia IGT, 2002
'Very light with a hint of brown.  Smells of tobacco.  Smoky, hints of cherry.  Ripe.  From the heart of the Primitivo area, in the low hills east of Taranto. The region is an old sea bed.  Wine maker is Mark Shannon, an American. A mano means hand-made.  Another excellent wine. 13.5%

O'Briens 11.49, McCabes 12.50

5. Cascino Vano, Langhe Nebbiola DOC, 2001
Purple with an orange edge. Quite light, crunchy tannins, tar.  A burgundy style?  Good acidity.
Enoteca de la Langhe 18

6. Cascina Vano, 'Carulot' Barbera d'Alba DOC, 2001
Very purple, deep.  Different, heavier, smoother, more leathery tannins.  Lively, muscular.  14.5%  Shame about the price.
Enoteca de la Langhe 20

7. Isole e Olena, Chianti Classico DOCG, 2000
Light red, orange.  Slight tobacco on nose.  Good fruit and a bitter twist. Quite elegant.  In oak for a year but not too woody.  Very nice but way too dear.  Better half loved it. 13.5%
McCabes 27

8. Alpha Zeta 'V', Valpolicella DOC, 2002
Lovely light orange-red.  Nice fruit, cherries, bitter finish.  Young, a tingle on the teeth, but quite ripe.  Corvina 80%, Rondinella 15%, Molinara 5%.  12.5% alc.

9. Allegrini, Palazzo della Torre, Veronese IGT, 2000
Great bitterness; black cherries, tar.  70% Corvina Veronese, 25% Rondinella and 5% Sangiovese; a smooth, full-bodied cru made in a ripasso style. 70% of the grapes picked are vinified immediately. The remaining 30% are left to dry until the end of December when they are vinified and re-fermented with the wine from the fresh grapes. Sacrifices its DOC status by replacing the Molinara grape with Sangiovese.  Beautiful.  15%
McCabes 26

10. Zenato Ripassa ValpolicellaSuperiore DOC, 2000
Much darker than the Allegrini, and lovely as always. This is 80% Corvina, 10% Rondinella, 5% Sangiovese, 5% Molinara (or possibly 10% Sangiovese depending on who you listen to.)
Searson's 19.75

11. Allegrini, La Grola, Veronese IGT, 2000
Deep red, not a huge nose, Fruity with bitter cherries.  Fine grained tannins.  Some pepper.  Great food wine.  Complex and structured.  70% Corvina, 15% Rondinella, 10% Syrah, 5% Sangiovese.  La Grola is the vineyard. 

12. Corte Sant' Alda, 'Mithas', Valpolicella Superiore DOC, 1999
Deep, dark and clear.  Concentrated.  Wood.  Rounded. Hint of mint, good leathery tannins, complex, grippy.  Shame about the price; I don't think I'd pay that much for it.  13.5%  18 months in French oak.

13. Contro, Moscato d'Asti di Strevi DOCG, 202
Grapey, gently fizzy, max one atmosphere (Asti Spumante is 4 atm.)  Good acid, refreshing, peachy.  Lovely.  Muscat Blanc a petit grain.15%
McCabes 15.95

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