Australian Wine
John McDonnell, Wine Australia

1. Green Point  'Brut', Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Fairly dumb.  Nice, clean acid feel, some biscuit, a little butterscotch and a load of baked apple.  This is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and although made in Yarra it has some grapes from Margaret River.12.5%

2. Sauvignon Blanc, Nepenthe, Adelaide Hills, SA, 2003
Not much nose, and somewhat sweet on first taste, followed by a more usual Sauvignon gooseberry.  Nice acid, some warmth of alcohol (13%), nice and ripe.  I like this, especially at

3. Riesling, Tamar Ridge, Tasmania, 2002
A bit off on the nose; chemical, gas leak.  OK in the mouth, lots of lime and fizzy acid. I'd say it was lovely except for the taint.  Shame there wasn't a spare ...

Not yet available,
15 - 16

4. Chenin Blanc, Brown Brothers, South Eastern Australia,
Nearly as clear as water.  Creamy sweet nose.  Clean, some good acid, slightly sweet, more baked apple; apple strudel. Nice but maybe too sweet, needs more bite.  Different, though.

5. Shiraz, Bridgewater Mill, McLaren Vale, South Australia, 1995
Not much nose. Slightly medicinal, still some coating tannins, somewhat like a Rhone - some rustic flavours. Some thought it soft; I quite like it. 

Current vintage 15 - 17

6. Merlot, Shaw & Smith, Adelaide Hills, SA, 2000
Big nose.  Good, plummy, clean, light.  A bit twiggy - and something quite odd about it.
Liberty Wines, 15-18

7. Cabernet Sauvignon, Balnaves, Coonawarra, South Australia, 2001
Peppery nose.  A cooler climate wine. Condensed milk mwith crunchy tannins.  Nice blackcurrant without being jammy. Perhaps a teeny bit of (non unattractive) bitterness at the end. 
Liberty Wines, 20 - 25

8. Chenin Blanc, 'Off the rack', Plantagenet, Western Australia
Wonderful nose and a beautiful honey finish.  Good acid and some wood coming through? Apricots, apples.  Clean and lovely.  (Yes, it is wood - a portion is aged in French oak).
15 for 500 ml

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