Preamble Tasting May 1997
Harkin Blind
Mick Harkin

This is the night when Mick, using "the Great Leveller" (that's a brown paper bag around the botlle), embarasses the hell out of all the experts by proving yet again that we can't tell our Aszu from a hole in the ground. (Pardon the tortured pun).
I was not the only one to suffer, and I'd like to draw a veil around the results. The following was the line-up.
1. Wynn's Riesling, 1996, Coonawarra, Australia
We thought it had New Wold Sauvignon blanc characteristics. Apparently Coonawarra means "Go away".
7.69, Super Valu

2. Etchart Cafayate Torontes, 1994, Argentina
Floral nose, a bit like Muscat, but Torontes is the grape. Excellent at the price, and 5% case discount.
4.99, Quinnsworth

3. Richmond Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, 1996, Wairau River, New Zealand
Yes, this was Sauvugnon blanc on the nose and the palate. Very nice, and on special offer until 24 May.
10.99, special 7.99 in cases of six, Terroirs

4. Navajas, 1995, Rioja, Navarette - La Rioja Alta, Spain
And this one tasted like Tempranillo, which it is. (Honour slightly salved here). Good example at a fair price.
c. 5.50, Searsons, 13 for price of 12.

5. Guelbenzu, Jardin, 1995, Navarra, Spain
This one is Grenache, and Rhone lovers got it. And very nice at the price.
6.99, Searsons, 13 for price of 12.

6. Mas de la Dame, 1989, Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, France
Grenache 50%, Cab Sauvignon 25%, Petite Syrah 25%. 12.5% alcohol. Nice wine but a bit over priced.
11.50, Terroirs

7. Owens Estate, Grenache, 1995, South Australia
Grenache 90%, Shiraz 10%. Nice, fruity. We thought it might be Italian Negroamoro (blush).
6.49, Super Valu

8. Wellington Merlot, 1995, South Africa
Crystal clear, loads of fruit, and most thought it was Zinfandel!
6.99, Terroirs

9. Trapiche Malbec, Oak Cask, 1993
Light and clear, and thankfully had the nose and punchy fruit of a good Argentinian Malbec. Not up to the Luigi Bosca but a lot cheaper.
6.99, Superquinn

10. Barbaglio Rosso del Salento, Candido, 1993, S. Italy
Negroamaro and Primitivo. Decidedly Italian, but we plumped for Recioto del Valpolicella. Really lovely, and good deals can be done if buying by the case.
9.25, Goggins Off-licence

10. Salice Salentino, Candido, 1992, S. Italy
Negroamaro. Guessed the grape but not that it was one of my favourite wines. Lost after the one before, I'm afraid.
5.95, Magic Carpet

10.Cuvee Mazurka, 1988, Mazurd, Cotes du Rhone
Another of my favourites, and showed like a Burgundy! 14% alcohol.
11.99, McCabes

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