Preamble Tasting April 1998 
Harkin Blind 
Mick Harkin
  Another opportunity for Mick to impose the tyranny of the brown paper bag and let us display our abysmal ignorance.
1. Chateau Pajzos, Tokayji, Hungary 1996
Dry Furmint grape. Very pleasant. Hints of petrol convinced me and others that it was Riesling. 12.5%
Searsons 6.95

2. Chateau la Grave, Minervois, 1996
Slightly sweet, pleasant, well-balanced. Mainly Maccabeo, with Bourboulenc, Malyoisie. 12.5% alcohol.
Searsons 5.80

3. Mas de la Dame, Les Baux, France, 1996
Soft and round, fruity. Thought it might be a dry muscat. Actually Clairette 70% and Semillon 30%. From Les Baux des Alpilles in Provence (from which derives the word Bauxite. Full of Carolingian echoes and a truly interesting place.) 12%
Terrroirs 8.00

4. Chateau de Pimpean, Anjou, France, 1995
Quite tannic at first sniff, warming up to a quite leathery taste. Perhaps a bit sharp. Correctly guessed Cabernet Franc; from Anjou. 12.5%
Terroirs 7.00

5. Dolcetto di Dogliani, Piedmonte, Italy, 1995
All kinds of guesses as to the provenance of this well-balanced, light, fruity wine. Thought it could be Malbec. Actually Dolcetto. 13% alcohol.
Searsons 8.95

6. Ochoa, Reserva, Navarra 1991
A lovely, balanced, warm fruity wine. It's Cab/Tempranillo (we thought maybe Cab/Shiraz) and quite excellent. 12.5%
Magic Carpet 8.99

7. Santa Isabel, Cab Sauvignon, Argentina, 1995
Cab Sauvignon - at last, one we can guess. A bit thin, but intersting. I thought it had no finish but lots thought it really very good. Good price, worth another try. 12.5%
Dunnes Stores 5.49

8. Cotes d'Oakley Vin Rouge, California, USA 1995
Very pleasant, structured wine. A Rhone mix (Carignan, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault...) from California. Feels like a hot country wine. 13%
McCabes 6.99

9. Guelbenzo, Jardin, Navarra, Spain, 1996
Very good at this price. Grenache from Navarre. 13.5% Buy some.
Searsons 6.50

10. Mas de la Dame, Les Baux, France1995
A bit unpleasantly tannic, but lots to say for itself. Mixture of Grenache 50%, Carignan 20%, Syrah 20%. 12.5% Interesting.
Terroirs 8.00

11. Duas Quintas, Duoro, Portugal, 1993
Quite nice, fruity, not good aftertaste. Tinta rouriz, Touriga nacional. 12%
Searsons 7.20

12. Domaine Carras, Syrah, Greece 1995
Very fruit pastilles, very nice, but a bit steep at the price. 13% alcohol.
Terroirs Reduced to 13.00

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