Preamble Tasting May 1998 
Terroirs Wine Evening 
Sean & Francoise Gilley
  We were required to guess the prices, and told the actual prices at the end. While good fun this had the effect of making it difficult to assess the wines - by the time you found out the price you couldn't remember how good the wine was!
1. Traverso Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, Chile, 1996
Pale green yellow, with a powerful, ripe, grassy nose. Extremely smooth, some caramel, fruit; long aftertaste, somewhat hard (and far too warm). Guessed 8.00

2. Domaine Weinbach, Pinot Blanc Reserve, Alsace, 1996
Pale yellow, very light nose. Peachy, very big. High acidity (some thought too high). A shock after the previous wine. Some bitterness coming through the acid. The old oak used adds a litlle pleasant woodiness. A food wine. 12.5% Guessed 12.00

3. Domaine Marc Morey, Chassagne Montrachet 1er cru 'Virondot', 1995
Deepish yellow. Big, honeyed buttery nose with oak coming through. Lots of tannin still, quite toasty with citrus flavours. Quite a fizz on the front of the teeth. Will develop a lot more. Guessed 26.00

4. Isole e Olena, Chianti Classico, 1995
Light purply red. Warm berry nose. Quite rich, a bit tannic. Fruity but quite austere. 90% San Giovese from south of Florence. Some matured in old, some in new oak and some in stainless steel, then blended. Will improve with age. Guessed 9.00

5. Yannick Amirault, Bourgueil 'Le Grand Clos', 1995
Light cherry red, hard to describe nose - rubber solution? Quite smooth if youthful. Very mile tannins and good acid and fruit. Chalky. Loire, near Chinon. 100% Cabernet Franc. Will improve over a very long period. Very nice. Guessed 16.00

6. Jacky Confuron-Cotetidot, Buits Saint Georges, 1995
Light, pale edge. Quite leathery version of farmyard. Very spicy, silky; "feminine" or so 'twas said. Beautifully warm feeling. Will develop. Guessed 22.00

7. Traverso Merlot Reserva, Chile, 1991
Dark plummy red, some sediment. Nose of blackberry and apple, then some sugary orange and cloves? Doesn't live up tot he nose. Still some tannins. Debate over whether it's gone over the top. Possibly hollowing out. Still good fruit pastilles taste but .. 78% Merlot, 22% Cab Sauvignon. Guessed 9.00

8. Leoville Poyferre, Saint Julien, 1990
Very clear, deep red. Wonderful nose of red fruit pastilles, blackcurrant and cedar wood. Wonderfully smooth, huge fruit. A little residual sugar and a hint of tannin. The hot year comes through in the taste. Great now, maybe brilliant in a few years. 65% Cab Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 4% Cabernet Franc. Guessed 22.00

9. Ravenswood, Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonanwarra, Australia, 1993
Looks a bit cloudy. Very dark red. Big blackcurrant nose but some hint of overdone fizzy sweetness; earthy/peaty at end. Austere tannins mixed with huge fruit. Not very complex; a friend felt it still in two unassimilated layers. Quite raw "fruit juice" taste. Very new world, very fruity. Suggest leaving 10-15 years. 13.5% Guessed 26.00

10. Robert Biale, Sangiovese, Nonna's Vineyard, 1995
Light, bright red. Quite "Italian" nose (although not too powerful) with alcohol noticeable. incredible taste - Ice cream. A whole series of flavours Peaches, good acid and tannin with astringent finish. Incredibly interesting. 14.5% Guessed 18.00

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