Preamble Tasting May 1999 
Gleeson Group Sales 

1. Framingham Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, NZ, 1998
Quite light, clear. Slightly sweet (some Semillon mixed in?), good acidity, some oak. Somewhat French in style, very pleasant. '98 was apprently opne of the best vintages in NZ.

2.Simonassi Oaked Chenin, Mendoza, Argentina, 1998
Greeny yellow; tiny bubbles formed on base of glass. Quite stern nose with a floral hint that disappeared quickly. Started with a bit of sweetness, slihghtly watery despite the punch of very strong oak flavours. Felt quite fizzy at the end. Somewhat "disconnected". Generally unimpressed.

3. Framingham Estate Dry Riesling, Marlborough, NZ, 1998
Pleasant golden green, clear. Beutiful fruity nose - very unexpected. Slight sweetness masking the petrol odours; creamy. On the palate cream and gooseberries. Quite sweet but well balanced. Lovely, but hardly dry. Germanic rather than Alsatian. Callar 7-10 years

4. Chianti Clasico Riserva DOCG, Trambusti, 1993
Somewhat browny red, clear, fairly light. Typical good Sangiovese nose. Good, fruity taste, bit thin, not very complex. Fair, too dear.

5. Simonasi Lyon Barbera, Mendoza, Argentina, 1998
Deep, deep red, velvety. Reserved spicy, nose. Good acid, some wod, raspbery jam, definite amaro kick. Will keep a year or two, and probably improve. Tom Doorly says that it would go with stew, Mary Dowey with a picnic. I agree with Tom.

6. Pere Ventura Tempranillo, Penedes, Spain, 1994
Very pale, slight orange rim. Elusive nose, a hint of mint, American oak. Pleasant slightly sweet, slightly minty, loads of berry fruit, Strawberries especially. Bit of tannin. Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. Light, very pleasant, great house wine!

7. Beaune AC Premier Cru, Patriarche et Fils, 1992Light, lots of orange rim. Slightly raisiny nose. Tasted a little watery. A good alcoholic burn but very little acid and fruit. Slight residual sugar. Long aftertaste, but slightly synthetic. Not my cup of tea; some liked but generally neutral response.

8. Vina Tarapaca Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva, Maipo Valley, Chile, 1994
A deep, dark, Ribena colour. Not a huge nose, but fruity with some oak. Big fruit pastilles taste. Very (too?) rich, enough tannins to suggest development over a number of years. Good, but you can get lots of good wine at £10.

9. Barola Riserva, Sordo, Piedmont, 1990
We had a bad bottle - completely gone.

10. Maglieri Cabernet Sauvignon, McLaren Vale, Australia, 1996
Deep, ever-so-slightly nurky red, hint of orange. Powerful nose of blackcurrants. Palate of fruit pastuilles, hint of stern backbone. Minty, enough soft tannins, complex flavours, maybe chocolate. Some amarone bitterness - when I first blind tasted this last year I thought it might be an Italian. Still quite young.

11. Rymill Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra, Australia, 1990
Deep, clear, orange tints, legts on the glass. Very Bordeaux, fruitcake nose. Stern, mint, vlackcurrant, chocolate, oak. Now nine, will keep a while longer. None of the amaro of the Maglieri.

12. Amarone della Valpolicella, Cesari, 1994,
Quite red, not very transparent but quite a sparkle in the depths. Nose more like the Busoli version than my current favourite the Masi. Quite lovely, but a little watery and over sweet compared to others.

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